Sunday, September 30, 2007

4 weeks old

As of Friday, Laurel is 4 weeks old, and today 1 month! Although, without a 31st in September, there's no official 1 month birthday, so we'll go with the 30th:).
Laurel is definitely developing personality...and chub:). Her limbs are thickening and she's working on a good double chin. She's heavy on cuddling and doesn't like being alone. She really dislikes her car seat, but loves being in the maya sling. She's smiling more now while awake, though not necessarily in response to others' smiles. She can follow objects with her eyes and turns her head to the voices that intrigue her. Right now she's watching the computer as I type with her pacifier in her mouth. She also gets lazy sometimes and requires you to hold the pacifier in her mouth for her...lazy, lazy:). She is starting to reach for objects but is still lacking the full coordination. Her favorite position is propped up on the shoulder when she's awake so she can look around, lift her head and pump her strong legs. When she's asleep she still prefers to sleep on our chests. When she sleeps, she goes to sleep sound can wake her. She sleeps well at night unless she is gassy or needs to get out a good poop, then there's lots of fussing and grunting in the wee hours.
We had to go to the dr. on thursday...Laurel developed a fungus in her mouth called thrush. She hates the liquid nystatin I have to squirt in her mouth, but the white coating is nearly gone.
Grandma O. is visiting, arrived Thursday night. Its been nice to have the extra help and company. I've been able to get some much needed extra sleep in. We've been low key so far, but will hopefully get to the beach or shopping while she's here.

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