Wednesday, January 23, 2008

50% weight, 50% head, 85% height!

January was off to a busy start with our trip to Atlanta. Not too calm since, but it's been nice to be back home.
One of our first stops was to OC to exchange late Christmas gifts since we were away in MD. I included a picture on the blog of Laurel crying:). I don't know that I've ever posted a crying photo, and yes she cries. Sometimes a lot. She's mostly chipper and is very much a happy baby. But she does have a short attention span and not much patience. Her cry in this photo is a tired cry. We tried to get a picture of the cousins with the presents, but it's hard to make everyone happy and sit still:).

Laurel's latest challenge is coming to work with Mommy. I will be in my studio 3 days a week, but just for 4 hours in the mid day. It's hard because it's noisy and the phone is ringing and I have things to do. But we'll adjust eventually.

My grandmother was able to fly out for a couple day's visit. She was on her way to Las Vegas and spent three nights here. It was nice to have her here and we played lots of cards! I think she really enjoyed her time with Laurel.

Laurel had her very late 4 month check up last was more of a 4.5 month. She is a long baby! she weighed in at 13 lbs, 4 ounces, 25 inches long and 41 centimeters around her head. All average except for the length, 85th percentile!:) Surprise?

Laurel continues to fight her naps. That's not anything new, but I wish I could wite something different in this post. She is doing some new fun things. She is starting to wave a little. More mimicking, not knowing she's waving. She sucks her thumb constantly. She's really enjoying her play gyms. She lays on the floor and tugs and grabs and talks. She can push herself up on her stomach up really far and is starting to push up with her wrists.
We'll also be making the move to start food probably this weekend, at her 5 month mark. Starting with rice cereal. She's following everything we eat and reaching out to try it herself. So it's time! Stay tuned for some entertaining pictures:).

Monday, January 21, 2008

laurel goes to atlanta!

Laurel, mom and I flew to Atlanta on the 8th. Everything went very well, and she was once again a perfect baby!
Our trip was a very nice one. Busy for me, but wonderful time for my mom and Laurel together. Copper Willow did fairly well. Not great though. Turns out the south isn't quite into the letterpress trend like the north east and california crowd. Soon, hopefully. We did make lots of contacts and lots of may show talk. (we'll be going to NYC in may for the big stationery show). Laurel loved the show. It was busy and noisy, but she was very amused and cheered everyone who saw her. Everyone loved her! She smiled and cooed at everyone and was just a joy to have around. Mom would keep her for the mornings at the condo. In the afternoons, they'd walk over to the show and hang out for the later part of the day. In the evenings, we cooked and chilled at the condo. A couple of nights, we played cards (see the photo:)). Laurel stayed on pacific coast time throughout our entire trip, so it was an easy transition when we got back home to CA. While in Atlanta, my Uncle Don, mom's brother, drove up to visit for an afternoon. It's really nice that my family is getting to see her as a baby. The time is going by so quickly, she's growing so fast!
We flew back to CA on the 17th. That was an interesting ordeal. We barely made it to the airport because it was snowing heavily in MD. Once we made it, I was on my own with Laurel! Getting through security with 2 bags, a laptop and a baby was also not the easiest. And no one offered to help, surprise. I finally had an offer to help when I was gathering everything to board the plane. And turns out, the guy who offered help had a baby too. So, only those who can relate offer to help. Oh well. The flight was long, but she did drift off to sleep for the night half way through. And Alex was thrilled to see her when we landed. So all is well and back in LA!
Copper Willow continues to push forward. We're prepping now for the show in May. We're releasing an album of wedding invitations and some new greeting cards. Plus all of the follow-up work from Atlanta and printing for the orders we took there. No rest for the small business owner! Alex is continuing to work hard at his studio and recently received superior reviews on some animations he completed for their game-in progress.
Oh I forgot to give my Laurel update! I mean, update on what she's doing. She's still giggling, which is such a thrill. She's starting to learn to roll, she'll roll from her stomach to her back. Mostly because she hates being on her stomach. She plays very well by herself now. She lays under her gym or holds a toy and plays with it for quite a long time. She still prefers attention, but it's nice that she can be with herself sometimes. Her naps aren't any better. Still short and unpredictable. That may just be how she is. Her hair is really growing, mostly on top, but getting much longer...and adorably, sticking straight up! The thumb is making it into her mouth reliably and she can also pull her pacifier out and put it back into her mouth. She still enjoys standing and loves to watch the tv. So, we're monitoring the amount of time we have it on around her.

Friday, January 4, 2008

4 months and we're having a blast!

Laurel has been laughing her way into the New Year! She's become so interactive, interested, curious. She watches and studies, and somehow knows what's funny! She loves to be tickled and nuzzled and being silly. We're still in Maryland and she's settled in nicely here. Laurel is so curious about Molly, my mom's little dog. Molly is equally interested and it's cute to see Laurel reach for the dog. Laurel is also arching her back to try and see above her head and behind her. She will watch you walk around the room and then arch back to see you pass away. She also hangs back to be able to see the tv if it's on. We're hoping this arching will lead to rolling over.
I don't think I mentioned before, but Laurel is now falling asleep at night on her own. She start staying away in my arms as I rocked her last week and I would put her down awake. There might be a little cooing and chatter from her, but before we know it, she's quiet and sleeping. I think her thumb may be helping that sleep to come easier.
On Tuesday, Laurel, Mom and I all fly down to Atlanta for the gift show. I'm optimistic that she will travel well. Megan, Laurel and I all took a quick trip to visit Dad's family in Cleveland (a 6 hour drive each way) and she was an angel. We left early on Tuesday so that she would still wan to sleep. We took two 45 minute stops and she was awake for a bit of the time when we drove, but mostly slept. Same for the return trip, only we stopped once for just 45 minutes. She was sick of the car when we arrived there and back, but she was quite patient and fell asleep easily in the car. I forgot my camera in Cleveland and bought a little disposable camera. I'll post some pics when I get them developed.
Alex is back in LA, he flew back on New Year's Day. It will be his longest time away from Laurel. :(