Monday, August 6, 2012

Beaching it

On our vast and varying menu of summer amusements...the beach!  weather was odd today-foggy yet warm.  That blew off right after we left.  The water was warmer than expected.  Laurel finally enjoys the beach.  She runs into the water, splashes and dives in.  She has a low attention span though.  She got cold and wanted to huddle on a blanket.  Her anti-mess nature quickly makes her unhappy with the sticky skin and sand that won't brush off.
Audrey loves to run into the waves.  She shouts "go!" and runs in giggling and squealing.  She also loves a good mess and I'm sure she ate quite a bit of and with her snack.  She was covered from head to toe.  I pick these activities on a bath night on purpose!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

attempting to go mobile!

After falling massively behind on blogging, I have major catching up to do! last fall I got a smart phone, joining the masses. I have been taking most of my photos this way and it just occured to me that I can probably put blogger on my phone. Yes it took me 9 months to realize this. Hopefully I can be more on top of the entries this way. Just look past the type-os! ill also work on back entries.