Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whoa, teeth!

Audrey, at a little over 5 months is cutting not one but TWO teeth! She hasn't been drooling too much, but she's started to gnaw on her fist and complain. She likes to munch on Alex's ears and head when she is up on his shoulders. Just yesterday her first cut through and her second one is bulging beneath the skin. They're her bottom middle front teeth. I can feel the first one by touch already! wow, over achiever:).

Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting solids at home

Today we had our first rice cereal at home. I dug the high chair out of storage and got it all ready for her. Audrey sits up in it so well and loves the play surface the tray provides. I enjoy putting her in it so she can be entertained while I clean up or take care of Laurel or start dinner - whatever! She's very good at self-entertaining. The tray doesn't fasten as well as it used to - there's a tiny rubber animal stuck in the arm that Laurel shoved inside when she was smaller:).

Audrey is going to be a good eater - she open her mouth and takes the spoon in like a pro. Little spit out, but not a huge mess. She follows each bite by sucking her thumb, just like Laurel did, to help swallow the food. So she ends up with a messy hand and the mess gets all over her face that way:).

Friday, April 1, 2011

Older sister is also entertainer

Here's a link to a video I put up on facebook.

Laurel is so entertaining for Audrey - it's a delight to watch. Laurel loves to try to get her sister to giggle. She jumps around, squeals, makes spit raspberries, tickles, whatever it takes! Audrey will stare at her, completely entralled. Sometimes she just smiles and sometimes she giggles hysterically. Audrey always shows her pleasure by kicking and waving her arms around excitedly. In the car, she leans forward to look at Laurel, who sings to her or chats or shows her toys and books while driving.