Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we had an intimate Thanksgiving at Megan's apt. That's Audrey in Megan's kitchen, trying to get more food - she can never get enough!
We all brought over a couple of dishes and had a relaxing afternoon. Alex watched some football and we played with the kids.
The next morning, we packed up for 2 nights in Big Bear with the Velez branch, at Christy and Mike's cabin. We stayed with the girls in a room on the first floor. Alex's parents with Cyndy, Rob and family, rented a house right across the street. They held their Thanksgiving for us to join them on Friday, so that was nice and a great treat to have another round of excellent food! A couple of Mike's kids were there, along with Mike's mom. The cabin is very cozy and i enjoyed just relaxing and pretty much doing nothing else. I think I barely stepped out of the front door! Alex took Laurel with the cousins up the street to sled in a patch of snow. The ground wasn't bare, but the covering was sparse. It was Laurel's first time in the snow:). She loved it - and I also realized I don't have enough cold weather gear! No water resistant mittens at all. Both nights, Laurel stayed over with the cousins. A treat for her, pretty much her first sleep over that wasn't down the street at Grandma's or Aunt Meg's. Granted, across the street from us, but in bed with other kids, in a house she isn't used to. We heard she did just fine! Audrey was pretty good most of the time. She didn't nap super well, so she had trouble at dinner time and was pretty fussy during thankgiving dinner. But as usual, ate really well!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday continued

Here's a few pretty and funny faces from the weekend plus a couple of shots of Audrey opening some presents on her actual birthday.  I like to have something for them to open on their actual birthday.:)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Audrey is One!

We had a little party for Audrey's birthday this weekend.  Just a few friends and grandparents.  Like Laurel's party, I had much fun finding cute desserts to make and fun games on pinterest.  Seriously, what would I do without it now!  
We had the party in the late afternoon with snacks and desserts only.  I heated caramel and we had a make your own candy apple set up. 

We had a pumpkin roll with brooms and decorated mini gourds with feathers, sparkles, paint and other add-ons.  I thought the halloween theme would be fun to do while Audrey was small and didn't have an opinion:). Hopefully she'll enjoy her halloween birthday timing when she's older!  

Though she loves to eat, Audrey didn't really dive into her cupcake.  But we got enough for the camera:).