Sunday, September 30, 2007

4 weeks old

As of Friday, Laurel is 4 weeks old, and today 1 month! Although, without a 31st in September, there's no official 1 month birthday, so we'll go with the 30th:).
Laurel is definitely developing personality...and chub:). Her limbs are thickening and she's working on a good double chin. She's heavy on cuddling and doesn't like being alone. She really dislikes her car seat, but loves being in the maya sling. She's smiling more now while awake, though not necessarily in response to others' smiles. She can follow objects with her eyes and turns her head to the voices that intrigue her. Right now she's watching the computer as I type with her pacifier in her mouth. She also gets lazy sometimes and requires you to hold the pacifier in her mouth for her...lazy, lazy:). She is starting to reach for objects but is still lacking the full coordination. Her favorite position is propped up on the shoulder when she's awake so she can look around, lift her head and pump her strong legs. When she's asleep she still prefers to sleep on our chests. When she sleeps, she goes to sleep sound can wake her. She sleeps well at night unless she is gassy or needs to get out a good poop, then there's lots of fussing and grunting in the wee hours.
We had to go to the dr. on thursday...Laurel developed a fungus in her mouth called thrush. She hates the liquid nystatin I have to squirt in her mouth, but the white coating is nearly gone.
Grandma O. is visiting, arrived Thursday night. Its been nice to have the extra help and company. I've been able to get some much needed extra sleep in. We've been low key so far, but will hopefully get to the beach or shopping while she's here.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 week check-up

We had our 3 week (almost) check-up today. Officially 3 weeks old tomorrow! Laurel's is already growing, as she should be of course. At birth she was 7 lbs, 10 oz, lost 5 oz by the time we left the hospital, but regained 3 by her 5th day. As of today, she is 8 lbs, 14 oz (just shy of 15). So, a good 1 lb, 4+ oz heavier! She was 20 inches at birth and is now 21.5 in. And her head measured 35 cm around and is now 37.5 cm. Growing girl! That puts her in the 75th percentile for her age. Everything else checked out very well. Our next appt. is November 1st, a 2 month old check-up.

We also made two visitation stops today. We went by Embrey Papers, where I used to work, and Sugar Paper where I do a lot of calligraphy. The general consensus is that she's "beautiful and so perfect" and that I look great!:) I have to say I've been lucky, with a little bit of exercise (just some walking) and lots of breastfeeding, my weight has dropped very quickly. I was about 35lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and am maybe 7 lbs or so over now. Luckily, most of that weight was in the belly, very little swelling or bloating elsewhere, so things have shrunken back to normal (almost) very quickly. I'm just sporting a little excess tummy (which is easily hidden) and not much else!
Everyone just coos over Laurel. I handed her around for everyone to hold and she was very content, sleeping. She's actually had a very sleepy day in general. A woman in the parking lot said "she has such a perfectly shaped head"! Which seems like an odd compliment, but it really is one when you consider the shapes it could be after pushing her out.
The other common comment today is how easy-going and worry-free that I seem. I guess I am handling everything well, it's hard to say! But I don't mind other people holding my baby and I'm not worried about her in general now, I know she's doing very well:).

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photos are up!

Here's a family shot from the photo shoot! The full collection can be viewed at:
This week starts our first at home without Daddy. Alex did come home quickly for lunch yesterday and Aunt Megan came by for the afternoon. But it's been just me and Laurel today. She's been pretty wakeful and definitely clingy. Just when I think she's napping, I will take her to her crib and she wakes up and wants to be held again. I do enjoy holding her though, so no real complaints there:). But it is surprising how little else I get done during the day. It's quite the accomplishment if I manage to get a load of laundry in. And how quickly the day passes! I'm turning in much earlier than I used to, but still getting out of bed around 9 the day seems so much shorter. I'm afraid that time is passing too quickly! My baby will be bigger before I know it.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another week...

Well, we've had another week go by already! I can't believe she was 2 weeks old yesterday. I think life goes by at a certain reasonable pace when you're childless, but suddenly, you become a parent and time starts to just fly by! That makes me even more greatful to know that I will be able to work from home to be a stay-at-home mom.
This past week was fairly lazy except for the funeral to-dos on Thursday and Friday. Thursday afternoon we drove down for the viewing which was at 7pm until 9pm. It was an emotional evening, but Laurel helped to keep a smile around on some faces. Alex's Aunt Rita said it was nice that she was there because she brought happiness to a sad occasion. Such is life...the new come in to keep the cycle going.
We spent the night at Alex's parents' house. Everything at night was as it usually is. 2 early feedings, around 1/2 am and another around 4/5 am. Plus morning feeding around 7/8 am. Except no time to recover in the morning. So consequently, I was exhausted by the afternoon. But Laurel was very well behaved during the hour-long mass...she snoozed in her carrier. She woke to feed at the cemetary, so we returned to the car for the "fix". We stayed until 7pm and then drove back. Though she doesn't seem to mind the car seat, she loses patience with the long drive. We sang songs to her the entire drive back to keep her from screaming:).
Everyone that held her thinks she weighs more than a week ago. Her next appt. is on the 20th, so hopefully there'll be some significant weight gain since it will be almost 3 weeks by then.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Laurel's first photo shoot

Yesterday, the same photographer as our maternity shoot, Holly Port, took Laurel's newborn photos. We are still waiting on the bulk of them, but she sent us this teaser which we're so happy with. She has such a great eye and great timing. We should have the rest by the end of the week and I will put them up on winkflash.
Today, we visited Megan on the set of a new Will Smith movie. We were away from the house for the longest time so far, about 5 hours. She was a trooper, but it was hot and eventually she was cranky. We did our first feedings in public too! Everyone was cooing over her and so surprised to see such a new baby. But we had to get out, mommy was feeling cooped up!! It was fun to see the set being put together, but the setup for the shot took about 4 hours, and we had to go, so we missed seeing Megan in action. Hopefully another time!
Other moments to mention...Laurel's umbilical stump fell off in the wee hours Sunday morning. Her eyes are getting wider during her waking hours, which seem to be getting a bit more often, but not predictable.
In sad family news, Alex lost his maternal grandfather Sunday evening. They were very, very close, so the loss is heartbreaking. The family viewing will be Thursday evening and the funeral Friday morning. We'll be driving down Thursday afternoon and staying overnight at his parents' house.

Friday, September 7, 2007

One week old today!

Laurel is one week old today! She is sleeping right now and looking super cute while she does it:). We've had a pretty good week over all. She has a long nap during the late morning into afternoon with a long wakeful period either before or after. She sometimes has a long nap in the evening too. She's been waking to feed 3 times at night. Around 1, sometime around 4 and then in the morning around 7. The 4 am is the hardest time to be awake for me with so much of the "night" still to go...but I'm making it through! I'm actually adjusting to having less least I'd like to think I'm adjusting:). I take her out of the room at night so Alex can sleep and then he takes her in the morning so that I can get another hour or so. The mid-afternoon napping makes me feel yucky, so I prefer the extra time in the morning instead.
Laurel's cutest moments are when she is sleeping and does mouth exercises. She creates little "o"s and smiles and raises her eyebrows. She also make the cutest little "drunk on milk" face when she falls asleep feeding:). I'm trying to capture these things with the video camera.
Her umbilical cord stump is starting to fall off and her skin is flaking a little bit at the creases where she has the vernix coating in the womb. Her skin has to adjust to life outside the womb I think!
On Wednesday, I took Laurel for her first car trip out into the world (besides coming home from the hospital). We went up to the Pump Station for a new mother's support group. She was easily the youngest baby there, at just 5 days. It was a nice atmosphere where all of the babies could breastfeed openly and we would ask questions and share experiences and knowledge about breastfeeding and anything baby related.
Today, she's getting some quality time with her Grandpa O. and Great Grandma O. My dad and Grandma came into town yesterday evening after a few days in Vegas. They've been great help with getting dinner on for us and doing some laundry.
Alex is currently at his parents' house. His grandfather is taking a bad turn and Alex wanted to be there in case this is his final hours. They are very close.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our first days at home

Today, we are on our 3rd day at home and boy has it been interesting!
Baby Laurel is quite the sleeper...during the day! Our first two nights were rough, but I guess should be expected. I don't think there's a way to prepare for the crying (on her part and mine!) and the loss of sleep (for all of us!) She's so peaceful during the day and even has to be awakened for her feedings. The heat doesn't help, it's been so very hot that I'm sure she's in a nice warm snooze all day long. Both nights, she was determined to cry for no apparent reason...wait, not cry...scream:). Alex was wonderful though, and came to the rescue both nights. She sure does love his embrace and settles on his shoulder almost instantly. Last night, he even admitted to singing her the Smurfs theme song since he couldn't think of anything else:). Eventually we'll make it through, but more daytime naps are definitely a priority!
My milk has come in...and so have the post-baby hormones! Mostly associated with worrying about her she getting enough to eat? is she too hot? how many times has she peed and is that enough? And boy are my breasts sore!! I will be going to the pump station tomorow for some lactation help.
We've had Alex's family up on Sunday and Monday to visit. She mostly snoozes in their arms, but it's still wonderful contact time for her. And a nice distraction from the worry, for me:).
This morning was her first check-up with the pediatrician. She started out at 7 lbs, 10 oz. and dropped to 7 lbs, 5 oz at the hospital the day we checked out. Today she was back up to 7lbs, 8 oz. Her respiratory system sounded perfect and her coloring is very healthy and not a sign of jaundice. We asked a lot of questions, especially about the sleeping and eating habit so far. And she hiccups all the time, which she said is normal. Phew!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Laurel Addison has arrived

She arrived to us on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 9:11 a.m. She was 7 lbs, 10 oz and 20 inches. She's beautiful and we are so thrilled! For full details, visit my pregnancy blog. All new entries will be made here now!