Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 week check-up

We had our 3 week (almost) check-up today. Officially 3 weeks old tomorrow! Laurel's is already growing, as she should be of course. At birth she was 7 lbs, 10 oz, lost 5 oz by the time we left the hospital, but regained 3 by her 5th day. As of today, she is 8 lbs, 14 oz (just shy of 15). So, a good 1 lb, 4+ oz heavier! She was 20 inches at birth and is now 21.5 in. And her head measured 35 cm around and is now 37.5 cm. Growing girl! That puts her in the 75th percentile for her age. Everything else checked out very well. Our next appt. is November 1st, a 2 month old check-up.

We also made two visitation stops today. We went by Embrey Papers, where I used to work, and Sugar Paper where I do a lot of calligraphy. The general consensus is that she's "beautiful and so perfect" and that I look great!:) I have to say I've been lucky, with a little bit of exercise (just some walking) and lots of breastfeeding, my weight has dropped very quickly. I was about 35lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight and am maybe 7 lbs or so over now. Luckily, most of that weight was in the belly, very little swelling or bloating elsewhere, so things have shrunken back to normal (almost) very quickly. I'm just sporting a little excess tummy (which is easily hidden) and not much else!
Everyone just coos over Laurel. I handed her around for everyone to hold and she was very content, sleeping. She's actually had a very sleepy day in general. A woman in the parking lot said "she has such a perfectly shaped head"! Which seems like an odd compliment, but it really is one when you consider the shapes it could be after pushing her out.
The other common comment today is how easy-going and worry-free that I seem. I guess I am handling everything well, it's hard to say! But I don't mind other people holding my baby and I'm not worried about her in general now, I know she's doing very well:).

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