Friday, September 7, 2007

One week old today!

Laurel is one week old today! She is sleeping right now and looking super cute while she does it:). We've had a pretty good week over all. She has a long nap during the late morning into afternoon with a long wakeful period either before or after. She sometimes has a long nap in the evening too. She's been waking to feed 3 times at night. Around 1, sometime around 4 and then in the morning around 7. The 4 am is the hardest time to be awake for me with so much of the "night" still to go...but I'm making it through! I'm actually adjusting to having less least I'd like to think I'm adjusting:). I take her out of the room at night so Alex can sleep and then he takes her in the morning so that I can get another hour or so. The mid-afternoon napping makes me feel yucky, so I prefer the extra time in the morning instead.
Laurel's cutest moments are when she is sleeping and does mouth exercises. She creates little "o"s and smiles and raises her eyebrows. She also make the cutest little "drunk on milk" face when she falls asleep feeding:). I'm trying to capture these things with the video camera.
Her umbilical cord stump is starting to fall off and her skin is flaking a little bit at the creases where she has the vernix coating in the womb. Her skin has to adjust to life outside the womb I think!
On Wednesday, I took Laurel for her first car trip out into the world (besides coming home from the hospital). We went up to the Pump Station for a new mother's support group. She was easily the youngest baby there, at just 5 days. It was a nice atmosphere where all of the babies could breastfeed openly and we would ask questions and share experiences and knowledge about breastfeeding and anything baby related.
Today, she's getting some quality time with her Grandpa O. and Great Grandma O. My dad and Grandma came into town yesterday evening after a few days in Vegas. They've been great help with getting dinner on for us and doing some laundry.
Alex is currently at his parents' house. His grandfather is taking a bad turn and Alex wanted to be there in case this is his final hours. They are very close.

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