Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another week...

Well, we've had another week go by already! I can't believe she was 2 weeks old yesterday. I think life goes by at a certain reasonable pace when you're childless, but suddenly, you become a parent and time starts to just fly by! That makes me even more greatful to know that I will be able to work from home to be a stay-at-home mom.
This past week was fairly lazy except for the funeral to-dos on Thursday and Friday. Thursday afternoon we drove down for the viewing which was at 7pm until 9pm. It was an emotional evening, but Laurel helped to keep a smile around on some faces. Alex's Aunt Rita said it was nice that she was there because she brought happiness to a sad occasion. Such is life...the new come in to keep the cycle going.
We spent the night at Alex's parents' house. Everything at night was as it usually is. 2 early feedings, around 1/2 am and another around 4/5 am. Plus morning feeding around 7/8 am. Except no time to recover in the morning. So consequently, I was exhausted by the afternoon. But Laurel was very well behaved during the hour-long mass...she snoozed in her carrier. She woke to feed at the cemetary, so we returned to the car for the "fix". We stayed until 7pm and then drove back. Though she doesn't seem to mind the car seat, she loses patience with the long drive. We sang songs to her the entire drive back to keep her from screaming:).
Everyone that held her thinks she weighs more than a week ago. Her next appt. is on the 20th, so hopefully there'll be some significant weight gain since it will be almost 3 weeks by then.

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