Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Laurel's first photo shoot

Yesterday, the same photographer as our maternity shoot, Holly Port, took Laurel's newborn photos. We are still waiting on the bulk of them, but she sent us this teaser which we're so happy with. She has such a great eye and great timing. We should have the rest by the end of the week and I will put them up on winkflash.
Today, we visited Megan on the set of a new Will Smith movie. We were away from the house for the longest time so far, about 5 hours. She was a trooper, but it was hot and eventually she was cranky. We did our first feedings in public too! Everyone was cooing over her and so surprised to see such a new baby. But we had to get out, mommy was feeling cooped up!! It was fun to see the set being put together, but the setup for the shot took about 4 hours, and we had to go, so we missed seeing Megan in action. Hopefully another time!
Other moments to mention...Laurel's umbilical stump fell off in the wee hours Sunday morning. Her eyes are getting wider during her waking hours, which seem to be getting a bit more often, but not predictable.
In sad family news, Alex lost his maternal grandfather Sunday evening. They were very, very close, so the loss is heartbreaking. The family viewing will be Thursday evening and the funeral Friday morning. We'll be driving down Thursday afternoon and staying overnight at his parents' house.

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