Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Laurel's first Thanksgiving was in Orange County with Alex's side of the family. Aunt Cyndy and Uncle Rob hosted a very nice dinner. Aunt Megan and Grandma O. came with us. Grandma came into town Tuesday night and we were very happy to be celebrating together. It was fun to see Sierra, and Amber is almost walking! Time sure flies, she's almost one year old. Cyndy had some more clothing to hand down to Laurel. Laurel wore her first pretty dress and we had lots of pictures:).
In the photos, it's easy to see how she's grown! Her head is elongating and her features are more defined. And she's all smiles and definitely has a personality. Laurel is having a much easier time holding her head up now and always has to be looking around. If she's held lying down, she cranes her neck so she can see. She also is fascinated with the television. She likes anything colorful and moving. So, the bright grass and moving figures of football keeps her very entertained. To the point where she will scream if you change the channel! Alex is happy with that.
And finally we seem to be adjusting to the idea of naps. Still not regular nap times, but definite naps. Last weekend, I bought an Amby Bed on ebay. I found it online and it was highly recommended for encouraging sleep. It is a hammock-style hanging bed that really cradles her little body. She's taken to sleeping during the day so much easier. And now that she is so aware and so interested in everything, she won't sleep in our arms as easily anymore. The Amby bed works well also because I can drap a cloth around it to help block out the light. She's starting her morning nap around 9:30 and takes a longer nap around 1/1:30 ish. Her nights are still going great. She wakes around 3 or 4 for her one good feeding and quickly goes back to sleep. She's very happy to see me in the middle of the night, which is cute:). Someday, I may have to wean her off of the feeding when I know she doesn't need it, but for now, I am happy to get up and be with her.
Laurel is getting better at her hand-eye coordination. She is reaching for things, very spastically, but reaching still. She can definitely grab and hold, but sometimes getting the object in her grasp is luck:).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Great nights, rough days

Laurel slept through the night Monday night! She went down around 7:30 and didn't wake until 6:15 ish. I actually did a little happy dance in the morning. I of course don't go to bed at a reasonable hour, so I still only got 7 hours of sleep or less, but that's more than I usually get, so I'll take it! Unfortunately, these longer sleeping nights have thrown things off during the day. Last night, she awoke at 1 and 5 to eat, but slept in her crib the whole night and didn't awaken until 8:30 in the morning. A lot of sleep again. But with no consistent waking hour, her morning nap is off schedule and that seems to mess up the whole rest of the day. And we only recently got the morning nap figured out. So, it's quite discouraging. She couldn't get a decent nap today and was so overtired and has such a sad, sad cry when she's that tired. It doesn't help that her little eyes make tears now:(.
She is also becoming more "conversational". Lots of noises back and forth with us, almost like we're talking. Lots of cooing babbling, squealing. She has a lot of her conversations in the rocking chair...and they're not always with me. Maybe someone is watching over us in the chair. Just my little belief.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The cursed daylight savings

I remember the time when I just loved the fall-back daylight savings. I could get an extra hour of sleep! That no longer applies when a baby is in the house:). She doesn't know the difference! And you'd think that one hour wouldn't really be noticeable. That was quite a change to a little person. We are finally, after most of the week, on the correct evening bed time. She was getting so cranky around 5-5:30 thinking it was one hour later, and time to get ready for bed. She seems to be a little more settled now. Her mornings are now suffering...and so are ours! I think she's trying to figure out a night feeding schedule that cuts out a feeding. I am a fan of that idea, but it's meaning much earlier to rise. On Wednesday, she went to bed and didn't wake up until nearly 4! A record. Then up at 7:30 to eat and that schedule was perfect. The most sleep I've had in one night. Thursday night, she went down and was up a nearly 3...which unfortunately made her hungry tummy want to eat again at 6...and the sun was up, so we all should be! Last night we reverted to an old schedule...up at 1, up again at nearly 5...fuss until 6, up for the morning! Not a fan of that schedule. Alex and I don't really operate that early. So I bring Laurel into bed between us and she grins and coos and kick, kick, kicks and he and I lay there with barely open eyes. We'll see what this next week brings, but I'd love for the 7 am wake-up call again.
She is taking to a more regular morning nap. She's been going down around 9 am and staying for anywhere from 1.5-2 hours, yesterday was down for 3.5!

This past week was another busy one. Lots of time at the shop...and I haven't been much help because what do I do with her while I'm trying to do some work? My dad came in on Wednesday and has been helping with demolition. And a little babysitting when needed. But Laurel doesn't care for the bottle, she much prefers the "tap", so she doesn't eat well when I have to be away. This weekend is more demo and wall reconstruction. Hopefully laying the bamboo flooring and painting. I'll have to post some before and after pictures once everything is done! We have to wrap as soon as possible...we already had a bride call for an appt. and decided she'd call later rather than meet one of us at home. She probably won't call back.:( We're finally feeling the saying "time is money, people".

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Busy days

Well, we've purchased our first little shop! Everything has gone through and we had our new space on November 1st. We've been so busy cleaning, clearing, moving furniture and eventually renovating, that I haven't made time for my little Laurel update!
On November 1st, she had her 2 month well-baby check-up. And just like we thought, she put on weight! She's now 11 lbs, 3 ounces and is longer, at 23.5". I can definitely notice the weight when I'm carrying her around. And other little things show it, like she fills out her car seat and it's head rest and she sits much higher in the front carrier than she used to.
Laurel spent some time with family this weekend, caring for her while I got my hands dirty, very dirty, at the shop. Grandma Velez watched her Saturday afternoon and Aunt Megan sat with her today for a few hours. It sure is nice to have some close help!
Otherwise, she'll be accompanying mommy to her new shop during the week. Laurel still doesn't nap well, so I'll be solving that problem by putting her in the carrier, where she does nap well, while I am busy going through things at the shop.
We had daylight savings time today. And though just an hour, all it takes is an hour to throw off a baby's schedule. She was pretty fussy all day and had a rough time going down for the night. :(