Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Great nights, rough days

Laurel slept through the night Monday night! She went down around 7:30 and didn't wake until 6:15 ish. I actually did a little happy dance in the morning. I of course don't go to bed at a reasonable hour, so I still only got 7 hours of sleep or less, but that's more than I usually get, so I'll take it! Unfortunately, these longer sleeping nights have thrown things off during the day. Last night, she awoke at 1 and 5 to eat, but slept in her crib the whole night and didn't awaken until 8:30 in the morning. A lot of sleep again. But with no consistent waking hour, her morning nap is off schedule and that seems to mess up the whole rest of the day. And we only recently got the morning nap figured out. So, it's quite discouraging. She couldn't get a decent nap today and was so overtired and has such a sad, sad cry when she's that tired. It doesn't help that her little eyes make tears now:(.
She is also becoming more "conversational". Lots of noises back and forth with us, almost like we're talking. Lots of cooing babbling, squealing. She has a lot of her conversations in the rocking chair...and they're not always with me. Maybe someone is watching over us in the chair. Just my little belief.

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