Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Laurel's first Thanksgiving was in Orange County with Alex's side of the family. Aunt Cyndy and Uncle Rob hosted a very nice dinner. Aunt Megan and Grandma O. came with us. Grandma came into town Tuesday night and we were very happy to be celebrating together. It was fun to see Sierra, and Amber is almost walking! Time sure flies, she's almost one year old. Cyndy had some more clothing to hand down to Laurel. Laurel wore her first pretty dress and we had lots of pictures:).
In the photos, it's easy to see how she's grown! Her head is elongating and her features are more defined. And she's all smiles and definitely has a personality. Laurel is having a much easier time holding her head up now and always has to be looking around. If she's held lying down, she cranes her neck so she can see. She also is fascinated with the television. She likes anything colorful and moving. So, the bright grass and moving figures of football keeps her very entertained. To the point where she will scream if you change the channel! Alex is happy with that.
And finally we seem to be adjusting to the idea of naps. Still not regular nap times, but definite naps. Last weekend, I bought an Amby Bed on ebay. I found it online and it was highly recommended for encouraging sleep. It is a hammock-style hanging bed that really cradles her little body. She's taken to sleeping during the day so much easier. And now that she is so aware and so interested in everything, she won't sleep in our arms as easily anymore. The Amby bed works well also because I can drap a cloth around it to help block out the light. She's starting her morning nap around 9:30 and takes a longer nap around 1/1:30 ish. Her nights are still going great. She wakes around 3 or 4 for her one good feeding and quickly goes back to sleep. She's very happy to see me in the middle of the night, which is cute:). Someday, I may have to wean her off of the feeding when I know she doesn't need it, but for now, I am happy to get up and be with her.
Laurel is getting better at her hand-eye coordination. She is reaching for things, very spastically, but reaching still. She can definitely grab and hold, but sometimes getting the object in her grasp is luck:).

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