Friday, June 27, 2008

Copper Willow gets big press!

A couple of new updates to our list of editorial press on Copper Willow!
A trendy online blog about all things wedding has written about us:

We were also on the cover of the premiere issue of a new trade magazine. It was released at the stationery show in NY and I keep forgetting to put this link up!

And much to our excitement, on the stands right now is a nice bit about us in In Style Magazine! Check out the July issue (with Anne Hathaway on the front), in the What's Hot Now section!

Here's the other mentions we've gotten lately -

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby summer fun!

Laurel has a lot of exciting activities going on this summer! And a lot of recent adventures to report. Mid-month, we went to Disneyland with the Mauck family. We had a blast! Laurel went on a lot of rides with us - Peter Pan, Snow White, Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, etc. Really calm, kid friendly rides, that Alex and I have grown out of, are now really fun again! Alex said it's the most fun he's had in Disney. Ryder really liked all of the Pixar rides in California Adventure because he's a fan of Monster's Inc. and Cars.
We also took a trip to OC to visit Grandpa V. for father's day and had a great barbeque!

Last week, we had a visit from Grandpa O. in the midst of his work travels. He helped watch Laurel so I could work a bit at the shop during the day instead of the evenings. We went out and bought "Rock Band", a band simulation video game which was fresh on the shelves for the Wii system on Sunday. Laurel loves to bang on the drums. We also took a trip to Home Depot (which got us out of the heat wave) and bought some baby proofing items. Laurel isn't walking on her own, but it should be any week now!

On Tuesday, Laurel starts a Mommy and Me Music class at Gymboree. I think I'm more excited about it than she will be! We also went over to the town's public pool to see about swimming classes. They're full, but the open pool hours are perfect, right in the middle of the day between her naps. So today, we went to target and bought some little swimmers diapers and a tiny bathing suit! Again, mom more excited than baby.

Laurel had a 9 month well-baby check up. She is 28" long (65 percentile), 16 lbs, 15 oz (20 percentile) and head circumference of 28 cm (65 percentile). So basically a head on a stick:). But the doctor isn't worried about the weight, I was a skinny baby. She also had a TB test (fine) and a glucose screening (prick for blood on the finger). No cries for either! Her blood screen showed low iron levels, so she gets supplements everyday. I was told it is normal for breastfed babies. Formula includes the supplement.

Laurel is now feeding herself every bit of food and loves adult foods. She's putting all kinds of baby snacks into her mouth. She loves the sweet potato puffs by gerber and the little freeze dried fruit bits. (mom sneaks some too!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Summertime is upon us! Fortunately, that means beautiful, mid to upper 70s weather with no humidity in So. Cal! And lots of super cute summer dresses for Miss Laurel. We've been taking more walks and trying to get out of the house. This past weekend, we were at the park for a birthday picnic. There were other kids/babies and Laurel was just fascinated. She was also still "running" around as much as she could. (She did find a large bouncy ball frightening, which was unexpected.)