Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Photos are up!

Here's a family shot from the photo shoot! The full collection can be viewed at: http://foofnik79.winkflash.com
This week starts our first at home without Daddy. Alex did come home quickly for lunch yesterday and Aunt Megan came by for the afternoon. But it's been just me and Laurel today. She's been pretty wakeful and definitely clingy. Just when I think she's napping, I will take her to her crib and she wakes up and wants to be held again. I do enjoy holding her though, so no real complaints there:). But it is surprising how little else I get done during the day. It's quite the accomplishment if I manage to get a load of laundry in. And how quickly the day passes! I'm turning in much earlier than I used to, but still getting out of bed around 9 am...so the day seems so much shorter. I'm afraid that time is passing too quickly! My baby will be bigger before I know it.

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