Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting solids at home

Today we had our first rice cereal at home. I dug the high chair out of storage and got it all ready for her. Audrey sits up in it so well and loves the play surface the tray provides. I enjoy putting her in it so she can be entertained while I clean up or take care of Laurel or start dinner - whatever! She's very good at self-entertaining. The tray doesn't fasten as well as it used to - there's a tiny rubber animal stuck in the arm that Laurel shoved inside when she was smaller:).

Audrey is going to be a good eater - she open her mouth and takes the spoon in like a pro. Little spit out, but not a huge mess. She follows each bite by sucking her thumb, just like Laurel did, to help swallow the food. So she ends up with a messy hand and the mess gets all over her face that way:).

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