Wednesday, January 23, 2008

50% weight, 50% head, 85% height!

January was off to a busy start with our trip to Atlanta. Not too calm since, but it's been nice to be back home.
One of our first stops was to OC to exchange late Christmas gifts since we were away in MD. I included a picture on the blog of Laurel crying:). I don't know that I've ever posted a crying photo, and yes she cries. Sometimes a lot. She's mostly chipper and is very much a happy baby. But she does have a short attention span and not much patience. Her cry in this photo is a tired cry. We tried to get a picture of the cousins with the presents, but it's hard to make everyone happy and sit still:).

Laurel's latest challenge is coming to work with Mommy. I will be in my studio 3 days a week, but just for 4 hours in the mid day. It's hard because it's noisy and the phone is ringing and I have things to do. But we'll adjust eventually.

My grandmother was able to fly out for a couple day's visit. She was on her way to Las Vegas and spent three nights here. It was nice to have her here and we played lots of cards! I think she really enjoyed her time with Laurel.

Laurel had her very late 4 month check up last was more of a 4.5 month. She is a long baby! she weighed in at 13 lbs, 4 ounces, 25 inches long and 41 centimeters around her head. All average except for the length, 85th percentile!:) Surprise?

Laurel continues to fight her naps. That's not anything new, but I wish I could wite something different in this post. She is doing some new fun things. She is starting to wave a little. More mimicking, not knowing she's waving. She sucks her thumb constantly. She's really enjoying her play gyms. She lays on the floor and tugs and grabs and talks. She can push herself up on her stomach up really far and is starting to push up with her wrists.
We'll also be making the move to start food probably this weekend, at her 5 month mark. Starting with rice cereal. She's following everything we eat and reaching out to try it herself. So it's time! Stay tuned for some entertaining pictures:).

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