Friday, January 4, 2008

4 months and we're having a blast!

Laurel has been laughing her way into the New Year! She's become so interactive, interested, curious. She watches and studies, and somehow knows what's funny! She loves to be tickled and nuzzled and being silly. We're still in Maryland and she's settled in nicely here. Laurel is so curious about Molly, my mom's little dog. Molly is equally interested and it's cute to see Laurel reach for the dog. Laurel is also arching her back to try and see above her head and behind her. She will watch you walk around the room and then arch back to see you pass away. She also hangs back to be able to see the tv if it's on. We're hoping this arching will lead to rolling over.
I don't think I mentioned before, but Laurel is now falling asleep at night on her own. She start staying away in my arms as I rocked her last week and I would put her down awake. There might be a little cooing and chatter from her, but before we know it, she's quiet and sleeping. I think her thumb may be helping that sleep to come easier.
On Tuesday, Laurel, Mom and I all fly down to Atlanta for the gift show. I'm optimistic that she will travel well. Megan, Laurel and I all took a quick trip to visit Dad's family in Cleveland (a 6 hour drive each way) and she was an angel. We left early on Tuesday so that she would still wan to sleep. We took two 45 minute stops and she was awake for a bit of the time when we drove, but mostly slept. Same for the return trip, only we stopped once for just 45 minutes. She was sick of the car when we arrived there and back, but she was quite patient and fell asleep easily in the car. I forgot my camera in Cleveland and bought a little disposable camera. I'll post some pics when I get them developed.
Alex is back in LA, he flew back on New Year's Day. It will be his longest time away from Laurel. :(

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