Friday, October 5, 2007

5 weeks old!

We're now a week into the second month and we're starting to figure this little girl out:). The latest learning accomplishment was to figure out how she burps and fusses. For the first couple of weeks, she would fuss in the early hours and I had no idea why. Turns out she's a gassy girl, but takes a loooong time to burp. Grandma O. took one look at her and said, "oh she's pulling her legs up while she fusses, she needs to burp." Thank goodness we learned that! She also likes the positions that put pressure on her tummy when she's fussy, like the "colic carry" over the arm or over my legs.
She's been a difficult napper this week. Great at night, but a restless dozer during the day. We took a long walk today and I carried her in the front Jeep carrier and she slept the whole day. I may just have to carry her a lot until she takes to a schedule.
On the plus end of things, she's a smiler this week! She's started to respond to our funny faces and noises. She also likes being passed around and seeing new faces. She will smile and make her first noises which sound like "Ahh-gee".
She is fascinated by Aunt Megan and her singing. My sister will swing her back and forth and sing to her in a voice that goes up and down and Laurel will just watch her face entranced:).
Laurel also loves to stare at patterns. Grandma O. crocheted a cover for the head area of my glider. When I hold Laurel up to burp her, she just stares at it. It's peach and yellow. She's also started reach and grabbing at it.
We're also trying to give her tummy time, but find that she loves being perched up on our shoulders and holds her head up very steadily there.
I've gotten a bit of extra uninterrupted sleep the past couple of nights. Grandma O. volunteered to take Laurel after she finishes the 4 or 5 a.m. feeding. She burps Laurel and they fall back to sleep together. And she deals with Laurel's fussing if she wakes up, which is great because the fussing keeps me up. I can then sleep until 8 or 9! Yay!

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