Saturday, October 13, 2007

and now 6 weeks!

Laurel is now an active fist sucker. She doesn't always have the best hand-to-mouth aim, but she's doing her best to shove her fist in her mouth whenever she can. And sometimes, only sometimes, it's a feeding cue which makes it super confusing for me. I did try prying her little thumb out and she happily sucked on it for a few seconds. Otherwise, she's a pacifier girl, through and through.
We've had to restart the thrush meds. It seems to be rearing it's ugly face again. At her next appt., I will be sure to ask how to prevent it instead of just treat it.
Laurel's smiles have become more distinct and aimed at us. She recognizes her mommy and daddy and gives us big smiles. She also smiles after she's filled a diaper and feels relieved, but we like to think she's just happy to see us:).
Our latest trial has been to figure out how to get Laurel to nap. And also go to bed at night at a reasonable hour without such a struggle. It's still too early for a regular schedule, but we're trying to pay attention to when she's showing signs of being sleepy. I think if she gets over-tired, she has trouble going to sleep.
Last night we took her footprints for a frame and also for her baby book. The feet were easy, but prying the hands open to print sure was difficult!
We made another walking trip to my new business site. We're in the middle of buying out a business that is just a pleasant 20 minute walk away from our home. It's very exciting and so nice to be so close. I've been carrying her in the jeep carrier and she just loves the jiggling and falls to sleep right away and stays asleep much longer.
On a funny side note, it's interesting to note the differences between mom and dad's ways. I sing her lullabies. Alex sings her the Smurfs theme song, Star Wars theme, Monday night football theme, and other such man-type music.:)

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Don't forget the BEaTles!
Almost all babies and children LOVE
Beatles songs. They work as both lullabies and playtime songs.
Try it out! (i like your new category of 'man-type' music)