Friday, October 26, 2007

nearly 2 months

I can't believe it, she's almost 2 months old. Where does the time go? I sure feel lucky that I can be home with her every day. Even when she's fussy or not sleeping, she still needs me and I love that I can take care of her.
The days do run together though. Day runs into night, and what we do each day seems to drift out of my memory. I am filling out a wall calendar with tid bits of what we are doing or anything new that she's doing. I get behind sometimes and then have to reflect back to earlier days and search my brain for what we did. I can't remember most of the time! I was sitting in the rocker at a wee hour one night and found that I had no idea what date is was and felt like I had just been in that rocker not long before. All running together:). But I can blame it on the fact that she's the focus of my world and it really doesn't matter what day it is, does it?:)
She's such a lovely, sweet baby. Everyone who sees her makes that comment. She's just so cute, I can't help staring at her. When she's asleep at night, Alex and I always run in to check on her and then stand and watch her in her crib before bed.
I'll have another update on November 1st. Her 2 month Dr. appt. And she'll be getting some shots, so I'm not looking forward to that part:(.

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