Monday, January 24, 2011

giggle girls

I feel so lucky to have such lovely, loving little babies in my life. Audrey has started to laugh. Alex caught her on video on Sunday just giggling to our hearts' delight! Laurel thoroughly enjoyed it too - she said with delight "she's growing!". All of the little things are just so exciting. She smiles constantly too. Whenever she's retrieved from her sleep, she gives the biggest grin.
Audrey started sleeping in her crib Friday night. It's gone pretty smoothly so far. She's had to cry now and then when she's put down at night, just to get her acquainted with her room and used to putting herself to sleep. Her naps continue to be short but she goes down very easily. She will only stay awake for 90 minutes and then instantly becomes cranky and tearful. So whenever she wakes for the day, we start the clock and she goes down every 90 minutes after she wakes throughout the day. The challenge is that she still naps for only 45 minutes, so right now she takes 3 or 4 naps. She really needs the 4th nap, in the late afternoon, but sometimes she resists, like today. Then the next couple of hours are long, she's overtired. Laurel is great help though. She loves to get down on the floor with Audrey on the play mat or on with Audrey's play toys. I bought a sleep soother from Target that has little rainforest characters and plays soothing music with outdoor noises. Laurel was just as excited about it and climbed into the crib with Audrey to watch it together. The soother has been a nice part of our wind down routine for naps and bed. I'm not sure it's making any changes in her naps of course but I know it's entertaining and sounds nice.
Audrey holds up her head very well now and we've taken several walks with her facing out in the carrier or the wrap. She likes to look around and is perfectly content, even to fall asleep and I hold her head up! Audrey cries much less in the car. She does strain to sit up, she'll be so happy when she can do that on her own! Audrey plays with the toys on her car seat and is pretty content until she nears her 90 minute awake mark.
I passed down a batch of newborn clothes to a friend the other day. I knew it would be sad, but it struck me as I was doing it, just how big of a moment it was. My heart pounded, I was shocked by the emotion that poured out - literally! I had myself a little cry:(. But I wanted to continue passing down the clothes while it was needed so I didn't get myself into a situation where I was keeping things I didn't need. I did keep a few things for sentimental reasons.

I have plans to take Laurel to Disneyland this week with a friend from her school and her mother. We could really use the mommy-laurel time! She's rocky emotionally and is the sweetest girl when we have a chance to connect and spend time together. I don't want her to feel like she isn't my priority anymore. The other night we had the best time putting a blanket over the dining room chairs and creating a little tent to play under. We got down there with pillows, books, puzzles, etc. and it was a lot of fun! Our outing will be my first large patch of time from Audrey, so I am crossing my fingers go ok for my Mom while she watches her.

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