Thursday, January 6, 2011

Firsts for the New Year

Now that Audrey has hit 2 months, she seems to be knocking out firsts left and right! I think this is one of my favorite times. Every little thing is exciting. She had her first real giggle today. She's been so close for the past week but had a few actual giggles in response to some chatting we did this morning and some swinging in the afternoon. 2 nights ago, she put herself to sleep for the first time. Laurel was a little clingy at audrey's bedtime and I couldn't have quiet to put her to sleep. So I put Audrey in her cradle very quickly so that I could come out and sit with Laurel for a bit. I figured I'd go back in when Audrey fussed. She never did! Last week she officially started sucking on her thumb (left) and she rubs the side of her head with her right hand. It puts her right to sleep. She did it again today for nap. I was about to put her down and Laurel had to use the potty. I put Audrey on my bed, ready to swaddle, took care of Laurel, and when i got back audrey was putting herself to sleep! Kind of nice:). Yesterday, Audrey reached for a pillow case that was next to her on the bed with a bright red and white pattern and grabbed it. She's gaining more control of her arms/hands and she is reaching a lot. Not reliably grabbing, but enough to entertain herself on the floor laying on the play mat. She reaches for the hanging toys. She's also very entertained by the hanging toys on the handlebar of her car seat. There's a lady bug that squeaks that she's just in love with:). Her first smile was of course a while ago but it's coming regularly and always in response to us. She's such a sweetheart!

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