Tuesday, February 1, 2011

call her strawberry!

Laurel is on the longest play-acting kick she's ever carried out:). She is strawberry shortcake - i am lemon - alex is blueberry - megan is orange - grandma/mom is raspberry. Oh and Audrey is a baby berry-kins. These are all little characters from a remake of the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon that shows everyday on a new cartoon channel. Our living room is Strawberry's house, with the space between the arm chair and the couch being the door. Laurel insists on being called Strawberry and calls us by our coordinating names all the time:). Twice now she's awakened in the middle of the night upset, declaring that her name is Strawberry! She is liking other things as well and makes up complicated names for herself. She likes the Bubbleguppies show on Nick Jr. (a show about little mermaid children) and she likes Word Girl, a super hero on PBS. So sometimes she is Strawberry-Word Girl-Bubbleguppie! So funny:). She cracks me up. And don't call her anything else! I called her a Cutie-patootie the other day and it resulted in a 1/2 hour tantrum. Wow. She can go from 100% happy and lovely to tantrum in .5 seconds!:) So don't call her anything else.

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