Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day

Finally another holiday! Much to Laurel's delight:). She is now constantly focusing on the next holiday at hand. Megan happily informed her that the next holiday is St. Patrick's day - one that isn't really "celebrated" in our household. We have no plans to drink a Guiness, even Alex, and no plans to be Irish anytime soon:). But it gives her something to look forward to! So that's what we'll be celebrating in March.
For Valentine's Day at pre-school, everyone brought in Valentines that were put into bags and taken home. Laurel made her very own for all of her friends out of foam hearts and stickers we got at Target. We've been in love with the $1 bin lately - easy crafts and fun gifts for cheap. Laurel received a Valentine bag of goodies from us as well. She doesn't really have a sense of time yet, so she knows these holidays are coming up and then all of a sudden, it's the day! Not sure she knows what to do with that kind of anticipation and final fruition.

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