Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my birthday

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday. At my age (generally not an old age, but not an exciting one either!), birthdays come and go and there's not much pomp and circumstance. I was actually more focused on Laurel's birthday, still to come on the 31st. She is focused on her birthday too, to say the least! My birthday was pretty chill, spent the Saturday afternoon at the studio, but in the evening we went to Huntington Gardens. I love the gardens, so peaceful and it's such a nice atmosphere in late afteroon. The early evening gets cooler too, so it's a nice chance to picnic in the gardens - the only time they will allow it (member only summer evenings). Here's some pictures of our picnic - both girls being sweet and cute as usual!

(that is audrey's "snorty" face:))

All day during my birthday, Laurel was asking when it would be her birthday. "Mommy is your birthday over yet?" "After the presents is your birthday over". She knows hers is the next birthday we'll be celebrating at home, so she's been asking about it constantly. Even toy she sees in a commercial is something she wants for her birthday! She decided she wants a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party. Appropriate since she still insists on being called "regular strawberry shortcake"! I just took her to party city to choose decorations and we're all stocked up. I also went to Carter's and toys r us for her presents. All set! Her party will be at a local park so that the kids can play on the playground and we have access to picnic tables.

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