Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing together...or at least near each other

Laurel and Audrey are really starting to play together...or at least next to each other and tossing toys back and forth. Audrey will usually want what Laurel has, but Laurel is pretty good at sharing. Laurel thinks Audrey is pretty fun and usually announces proudly when Audrey is doing something new. "Look! She's reaching for it!", "Mommy, watch! She's trying to stack the blocks!" Audrey is more possessive of the toys than Laurel. Laurel will share easily but you can't take anything away from Audrey without hearing about it! She's a feisty one and is really starting to show some new colors. Audrey plays very well by herself as well. She loves to sit infront of the basket of toys and touch and explore. Laurel will play with the baby toys too just to spend time with her:). It's so nice right now!

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