Thursday, July 14, 2011

whew! busy summer!

The summer is flying by, as it tends to do - and we're busier than ever!
In June, we started a remodel at Copper Willow. We've been in our space on washington blvd. for about 1.5 years now and after some time in there, we wanted to move things around so we had more space and the space we have it being used well. So one thing led to another and we added a door, a window in the front wall, painted the floor, added retail space, furnishing, decor, and an office. Yes one thing did lead to another. And we just had our 5 year anniversary, so we're planning 2 celebratory events as well. I will need a long nap:).

The girls are enjoying the summer too in their own ways.
Audrey is wearing her super cute sun suits and little dresses and knocking everyone's socks off. I can't count the number of people who fawn over her every single day. The second they get a glance at her in the carrier or in my arms, they gush:). Such a sweet baby, or how adorable, or she's so pretty! And she is:). A very cute and pretty baby for sure. And very playful - she loves to sit (up right on her own now for a couple of weeks) and play with toys and explore and enjoy time with her sister. Laurel doesn't necessarily play with her, but sometimes next to her and hands Audrey things to examine. Audrey is not going to crawl afterall. She'll sit and play like Laurel used to, but not go anywhere until she takes off walking:). If I try to put audrey on her belly, she fusses and rolls over. Audrey is changing up her taste in food. She used to eat baby food from the jar and then came down with a cold (caught it from Laurel!) and her appetite has decreased. And she's gotten suddenly picky. She didn't want to eat from the jar anymore, so i started making my own food. I have a great food processor and started blending foods and she liked it at first and now jams her hands into her mouth and over her face so I can't get any food in her mouth. She seems to just want to eat off of our plates but she has no teeth except for those 2 from months ago - so I'm not sure how she expects to eat! But she does happily eat whatever small pieces I can tear up or mash for her. Regardless of her eating, she's growing healthily - bigger and longer than Laurel at this age. She's fitting 9 months perfectly and even some 12 month clothes are fitting just fine.

Laurel has been attending a summer camp at the neighboring rec. park. She's met some little friends and seems to enjoy it. I will be volunteering 3 times during the session to "co-op" with other parents. She mostly plays, does some crafts and games, and plays outside on the playground. All things I want her to do over the summer. We've also been playing constantly with friends. I've gotten to know a few moms from her school-year pre-school and they are very active ladies. They are always out on play dates and going to parks to play. We've been tagging along a lot and I haven't had a chance to breathe, we've been so on the go! Audrey tags along of course:). Laurel continues to wear her pretty summer dresses and regardless of the temperature outside, she will NOT let me put her hair up. Laurel's biggest change seems to be intellectual - she is in the "why" stage - big time. Pretty much anything we talk about results in a long chain of "why". I do try to be patient, but I have definitely used the "because I said so" and "because god made it that way" phrases a lot:). She has also jumped into a cooperative play phase. She wants to play with me or anyone with her figurines and dolls. She went through a phase of playing lots of educational games on the computer and her iphone and now she has rediscovered her doll house, castle, princesses and pet shop animals. At one time she wanted to be in her kitchen constantly and then another time, dressing up a lot. Always changing:). She hasn't change physically all that much. Her feet are going to be small for her eventual size - like me. She has maybe grown a 1/4 size or a 1/2 at most since last year. We finally replaced her sandals from last year with a nice versatile pair of sneaker styled sandals.

Alex has recently started working for his Dad in Orange County. He has chosen to commute every day (1 hour or more in traffic each way). Life for me hasn't changed much, I am with the girls all day every day as before. But he gets home a little later, by about 8 pm. It wasn't his first choice of course, but a career change is needed and we'll be trying this for a few months to see how it goes.

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