Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lot of events!

Megan pointed out that I haven't posted in a while and I looked at the date, and yes, it's been way too long! But for good reason, we've been really busy! Lots going on for everyone and some big events for Miss Laurel.
At the end of March, we had a visit from Grandma O. to help get ready for the baptism, help around the house, babysit and spend time with us. The biggest help was getting Laurel on a good schedule! She is now, finally adjusted to 2 longer naps per day! Yay, thanks Grandma! Laurel's schedule now flows so easily that she goes down to sleep on her own, with little to no fuss. She wakes at 7 like usual, has milk and then cereal and fruit at 9. Nap from 9:30-11:30. Play until noon and then we have lunch. Sesame Street is on at noon and she just adores Elmo! She goes crazy when he comes on and grins and chats with him . That is at 12:30. More play and milk around 1:45. Nap from 2 until 3:30 or 4. Play until 5, break for a snack. Dinner at 6:30 and milk before bed at 7/7:30 depending on how the naps went. So much easier!!

Sierra's 5th Birthday was at the end of the month as well. We went to Orange County to an indoor play gym. Lots of bounce houses and inflatable slides. Lots of fun and Laurel seemed to enjoy the bustling kids. She drove a large plastic car! It was fun to see Amber and Laurel interact. They were the tiniest kids, and both sat together in high chairs when lunch was served.

Easter was held at the Velez home in Orange Country (alex's parents). It was a lovely day and Laurel wore a super cute dress!

Laurel was baptized on April 6th at the 6 pm service. Megan and I joined Bel Air Presbyterian church in February and the service was held there. The "ceremony" was really short...the the sermon was way too long...but it was a nice service. And Laurel was SOOO well behaved! Very content and even when the hour ticked to her bedtime, she hung in and smiled for all of the pictures! Grandma O. spent hours upon hours sewing a beautiful dress for Laurel out of the train from her wedding dress. The front was smocked as well as a bit on the bonnet. A very sweet dress, lots of pictures were taken! One of the biggest highlights of the day though was finding a new little tooth poking through Laurel's gums. Its the left lower front tooth. It's made a little bit of progress surfacing, but it's been a week since it's appearance and is taking a long time coming out. For the most part she has handled it really well. Saturday, the 5th (day before the baptism), she seemed to show signs of a small fever and was quite cranky. But when the tooth appeared, we understood why! Laurel is rarely cranky for no reason! She's has some moments of the same this week as well, but seems to be all teeth related.

Grandpa O. is out with us right now. He arrived on Tuesday and has been helping with Laurel as well. Grandma O. baby sat a lot so that I could be at the shop printing. We're working on our wedding album for the stationery show in May. We have also had some great PR opportunities come up for our company, so lots of prep for that has taken priority as well.

What else is new with Laurel? In addition to tooth, being baptized...hmmm...she's definitely getting the chubs. She sits up so well on her own, she can be plopped down like a sack of potatoes! She's a very good eater now and goes through entire jars at eat meal. She used to just sample out of the jars in the beginning, then worked up to half entire jars! and she loves it, lots of agressive and excited "mmmm"s :). Her hair is getting longer on top and is starting to lay down a little, at least in the front. The spikey hair was so cute though! She is also getting a hang of mimicking what you do and is trying to give mouthed or with her tongue stuck out, but kisses non the less. Oh and her blanket is officially the pink knitted blanket with the open weave. She won't go to sleep without it. She loves to cuddle with it and just rolls around her crib with it. I feel more comfortable because it's a huge weave, so it helps me sleep at night knowing I don't have to worry about her. She is capable of rolling onto her stomach, but she hates it. She just rolls from side to side. She may never crawl! Laurel has also decided she doesn't need her pacifier anymore. I might bring it with me for comfort when I take her out some where. But no longer necessary and not needed for sleep at all!

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