Wednesday, March 19, 2008

check up!

Laurel is about 50% all around...for now:).

She had her doctor appt. yesterday and measures 26" long and 14 lbs, 14 oz. Pretty good! She's slightly under weight for her length, but the doctor isn't worried and attributes it to the body type she's gotten from her parents:). ha.

We reviewed all of her abilities to make sure she's on track and we're all good there too. She has a few more 1st foods to make her way through. She's done:
peas, carrots, squash, sweet potato, bananas, peaches, pears, applesauce, and beef.
rice cereal, oatmeal, and barley cereal.

We have to do the mixed cereal, chicken and turkey, and green beans. I had a lot of trouble finding green beans in the starter size, but finally found it last week.

Laurel has also tried bananas in the hand-held's a little pourous fabric pouch attached to a ring, so she can hold it and chew and squeeze on the food through the fabric. The doctor said that in a month or so she can start to have tiny pieces of mashable food and also the little puffy baby cereal, when she can pick tiny things up with her hand.

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