Wednesday, March 12, 2008

6 months and growing fast!

(The video at the end is of my mom feeding Laurel - she was out here for a lovely visit at the beginning of the month)

Whew, I had no idea it had actually been so long since our last post! It didn't seem that long!

Anyway, I've been busy at Copper Willow. We're developing our wedding album for stores and I can't remember the last time I had this much to do. I know I was super busy in grad school working and going to school-both full time. Add a baby onto that much and that's what I do now. Laurel and I do it all! I do my calligraphy at night and Laurel and I go to Copper Willow, run errands, play, and nap (well she does) all during the day...oh and laundry, lots of that:).

I think Laurel is going through a growth spurt. She seems much heavier than just a few weeks ago. She has a bouncy baby gym at the shop. (Kind of like the walker I had as a baby, but they don't make those anymore for safety reasons.) Anyway, the gym is all based on weight and at the end of February, her little feet could barely reach the floor, and now she's so heavy that she can bounce up and down, pushing off with her feet!

Laurel is also loving her baby food now. We've done carrots, sweet potatos, squash, peas (her face was quite disgusted at her first taste of peas, but ok now!), bananas, peaches, pears, and applesauce. Her poops have really changed. Much more adult like and yes, stinky! In the morning (9am) she has oatmeal with Mommy (I eat oatmeal too!), but I mix prunes into hers to help her out a bit. She just started a lunch meal. She was having breakfast and dinner but has been just starving constantly lately and whenever I get our food, she wants to eat too! So today at the shop, I had a banana and she went crazy, so I mashed some up and gave it to her. She loved it! So we will now do lunch. Her dinners are at about 6:30 and she has a veggie and some fruit. Tonight it was carrots and applesauce. She's eating so much better. She's excited to have the food and I can hear her swallow. She does make a huge mess though...I really should take a before and after picture. We go through one bib each meal! Refer to the lots of laundry comment earlier.

Laurel is still napping 3 one hour naps per day, not much change there. We had a little fluxuation when we had to adjust to the one hour change last weekend. But back to normal now. She goes to bed very easily and completely on her own. I put her down awake. She is also addicted to having a blanket. I started giving her a loose stitched knitted blanket so that it's not super thick and easy to breathe through. (found that tip online!) I think it may be her "blankie" now...she has to have it. She still uses the pacifier, but I think it's not a big deal if that's not there. Thumb and blankie like her auntie megan.

Laurel has spent some nice quality time at Grandma and Grandpa Velez's house. I did work all day at the shop a couple of weekends ago, we were getting press kits ready about the biz for magazines. And then this past weekend, I went for some much needed R&R with Megan to Disneyland! Alex took Laurel to visit both times. It's good for her to be with family and be passed around. She went through some serious mommy attachment not long ago and still get freaked out by strangers.

Laurel also got her 6 month picture taken on the 3rd. We will get photos back on the 17th and i'll post the meantime, here's one (at the top)! It's a low resolution, stolen from the sears photo studio site:). As you can see, she's sitting up quite well on her own! She's had a couple of times she tipped over and bonked her head and cried, but she's fine:). She's also into everything! I'm actually starting to fear the day when she crawls and walks. My house is no where close to prepared! But now when she sits with you she has to have everything you have or anything within reach. The phone, remotes, love the computer...and it all goes in the mouth:).

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