Thursday, February 21, 2008

Laurel goes Pro!

We had a very busy week this past week! Lots of things going on with business and family. My dad was in town this past week and we had the opportunity to attend the local stop on the PGA tour. Gorgeous day, beautiful course. Not the most ideal place to take a baby:)...lots of silence required, but we made it through and she was very good. The couple of times she fussed seemed to be timed for the most silent moments:), but babies are unpredictable! The same thing happened in church last weekend. She had a rough time in the nursery, didn't like being left with strangers for the first time. But in the church service, she waited until the silent prayer to cry out. I made a dash for the door to the nursing room and we were all good.
Laurel also took her second trip to the beach this past Saturday. The week before was her first trip. And this past weekend we all took the walk along the beach to Venice and back.

Alex and my dad spent the rest of the long weekend in our shop finishing up the back room. They layed the rest of the flooring and we painted the walls. It's dangerously close to being finished. Just some tidying and putting things in new homes.

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