Thursday, April 24, 2008

da-da & ma-ma

here's some late easter photos...better late than never!

Laurel is starting some actual "talking"! About a week or so ago, "da-da" became quite recognizable and directed at Alex. Very exciting and he's eating it up! At the end of the day, I think Laurel remembers that he returns from work and starts chatting about him. We look out the front window and she babbles, "da-da, da-da...". Ma-ma is starting to come out as well, much to my delight:). She says it mostly when we're in the car and she's tired of sitting in the back alone in her car seat. But oh well. Laurel also says what I think is "no"...she says "nah, nah". Mostly when she's unhappy. When she is happy, she gurgles and it's almost like baby purring:).
Laurel's little tooth is still trying to come up. Not much further along. I think the tooth just next to it is about to break the surface as well.

Copper Willow is getting some exciting press. We've had attention from a couple of important online sites and will be expecting a few in print as well!
We're also expecting write ups in InStyle magazine and LA Confidential. We also had some nice attention in a couple of industry magazines. We had a nice large article in Gifts and Accessories magazine and will be on the cover of Stationery Trends Magazine! All great press and our business is slowly growing!

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