Friday, March 25, 2011


Milestones are starting to come fast and furious for Audrey. On March 15, she rolled from back to front - and started moving her legs to scoot forward! She did it a few times on her own and it only happens sporatically. She's put down a lot more than Laurel was - she has to compete for attention with the big sis, who can be quite needy at times! We rely a lot on her floor play mat and she is a great self entertainer. And that can lead to exploration! This one may crawl - time to clean! Yikes.

Yesterday, she had her first cereal with Grandma V. I wasn't planning on starting her quite yet, but she's almost 5 months old already! Alex said she seemed to like it and could bring the mixture into her mouth from the spoon. So I bought our own box today at the grocery. Time to get the booster/high chair out of storage! wow.

Audrey continues to grab at everything, extremely curious and eager. She's starting to grab and bring things to her mouth for a slobber:).

It's much easier to get her to laugh and giggle. We used to really have to work for it! But now she smiles all the time, is easily amused and loves a good tickle or funny face. Laurel can really get some great laughter out of her, which is so sweet to watch. Laurel can jump around and act silly and Audrey thinks it's a riot!

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