Friday, March 18, 2011

And so we now celebrate St. Patrick's Day

In the long list of holidays to constantly look forward to, we're Irish now:). lol. Laurel was very excited for all of the green and I bought her a little sachet filled with chocolate coins - her little pot of gold! She really wanted to decorate, but I don't have much of anything! She likes to put the window stick-ums up and put up her own art. so we made some art and she brought home some cute pieces from school. I'd much rather decorate with her cute pictures than store bought things anyway!

Next up - Easter. I'm going to be facing the challenge this year of starting to explain the religious side of Easter. I tried to take a stab the other day and I really struggled to speak on her level, without mention of dying and making it sad. So we're talking mostly about wearing a pretty dress, hunting for eggs, the Easter bunny...and I'm hoping I'll figure out the rest along the way:). Easter is late this year, so we have a whole month ahead still to wait and plan. Her school is doing an easter egg hunt (after a 2 week spring break after next week - whew!). Audrey has her first Easter dress - a pink one. Laurel's is purple, her newest favorite color.

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