Monday, May 26, 2008

The NYC summary

Well, it's been a whirlwind trip, but lots of news, goings on and exhaustion!

Laurel, Leora and I left for NYC on the 16th and got in early evening. Laurel was sooo well behaved. She didn't sleep well for her naps, just cat napping here and there, but she hardly complained and was easily entertained. I did buy a few new hard books for the plane and an elmo dvd - which is now well loved! Our hotel room in NY was ok...see the lovely bed spread in the photo. We were all quite smooshed in there with my mom and Tracey, but it worked out fine for the purpose - sleep!

We were busy with Copper Willow each day we were there of course. Set up was on Saturday, full show days (9-6) the next few days, but 9-3 on Wednesday with breakdown to follow. Copper Willow did well considering the economic crunch that was definitely evident with the buyers at the show. Not as much money being spontaneously thrown about like last year. But we did make 50% more than last year and our wedding album did very well. Laurel spent her days with Grandma back at the hotel and made afternoon visits to the showroom. Laurel was admired by all, as usual:).

We left NYC for New Orleans on the 22nd...not too hot, but humid!!

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