Monday, May 26, 2008

the laurel update!

In my flurry of travel postings, I've forgotten to make my little update on the new things Laurel is doing.

Laurel loves "walking"! She looks for your hands and twists out of your hold so that she can stand and do her little dance-march walk. Her left leg seems to have the walking bug, but the right isn't with the program yet:).

Laurel is really enjoying grown-up food. She loves to eat whatever you're eating. She will eat her food if there's nothing else around, but wants to sample ours if it's out. She really likes rice, potato in any form, fruits especially banana, and has gotten into some of the baby snack foods like the puffed cereal. She hasn't yet figured out that she can feed herself with all foods. If it's a long french fry, she will put it into her mouth because she is used to sucking on a straw or her spoon. She can hold small pieces with her thumb and first finger but then doesn't understand that she should put it into her mouth. yet!

Her hair has really grown and lays down nicely instead of sticking up:).
She is getting interested in crawling but doesn't really understand that she can move. Laurel pretty much dives for anything she wants, so we have to be very aware of her in our laps. If she's sitting and playing on her own, she has no qualms about diving forward and getting onto her stomach. But then she's stuck and doesn't know what to do after that:). She can pull herself so that she rotates around on her stomach.

Laurel still has the 2 teeth, nothing new coming in. Her clothing size is fitting nicely at 9 months and even some 12 months are sized for her. We've been putting more shoes on her since she likes to stand. Keeps her socks and feet clean:).

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