Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fun conversations

Laurel is growing up in so many ways now. We're having real conversations and it's really fun!:) She is asking questions, her curiousity at a peek. She wants to understand why things happen - and this covers everything from where the rain comes from to some more complicated topics like babies and mommy's "monthly". I do my very best to explain things in reality, not just make it up. I do try to glaze over some things I think she's too young for yet. I was talking to mom not that long ago about how to teach or not teach things like hate, prejudice, gossip, etc. Most children at her age just don't see that - like skin color or gender differences. We'll cross that bridge I guess when we come to it!
In the meantime, we're having cute conversations like this one from friday:
We were at the studio and she was helping me with tape to wrap up some wedding invitations.
L: mommy, what are these for?
me: well someone is getting married and these papers will go out to all of their friends and family to invite them to their wedding.
L: oh, i want to go! can we go to the wedding?
me: no, we don't know these people, i am just doing work for them. but maybe we'll go to your wedding someday. that will be fun!
L: yeah! I want to get married!
me: ok, who are you going to marry?
L: I'm going to marry daddy!
me: ok, i'm sure he would like to marry you (again, to explain later:))
L: yeah, i love daddy, i'm going to marry him. when did you get married?
me: oh a long time ago, before you were born. i was 25.
L: 25?! that's old! :)

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