Saturday, June 4, 2011

7 months!

Here's Audrey at 7 months! Growing like a weed - wearing all 6-9 month or 9 month clothing. Her hair has really sprouted lately and she's getting longer and longer. She still has just the 2 teeth, but she chews and chomps down so hard, there's probably something else working its way out. She is much stronger on her stomach, can really arch back on her hands - but like Laurel, really dislikes tummy time. She immediately rolls back to her back. Audrey is also starting to be more stable in a sitting position. I can't rely on her sitting without tumbling, so i usually sit very closely or give her a small amount of back support. But she's getting stronger and will sit alone very soon. She holds herself up fine in the stroller and the high chair. Audrey is eating well too - making her way easily through her 2nd stage foods, and eating a lot (usually at least 1 small tub of baby food each sitting). Her little temper continues to flare:). She's going to be spunky. Nothing can be snatched our of her hands without complaint and she gets mad often. she's going through a mommy-attached phase and whines and cries whenever I come into the room. She stops immediately when i pick her up:). It's nice to be wanted though, so most of the time I secretly like it. She plays well with toys and is fascinated with electronics. Any toy is immediately dropped when a phone or camera comes into view. She is making lots of baby babbles, working her way through her "d" sounds. She squeals and giggles and is learning to clap! Audrey has also learned to kiss - just in response to a kiss noise, but she really sucks her lips in and creates a good smacking sound:). And she's pretty proud of herself too!

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