Monday, November 8, 2010

one week old

On Friday, Cyndy and the girls came for a visit. Laurel was at school for the morning, but was beside herself with excitement to come home and see her cousins. Alex said she was content to play at school when he showed up, but when he mentioned that the girls were at the apt., she ran for the car! In the garage, she was saying - hurry daddy, hurry! The usual giggles and excitement bubbled up when they all saw each other and then they ran to play in Laurel's room. Sierra was interested in holding the baby often, but each time she sat with her, Audrey filled her diaper:). As per usual, Audrey was a good baby, little complaining, happy to sit with her Aunt.

Audrey's first week thus far has been going pretty well. She sleeps a lot, poops constantly, eats very well. We had a couple of fluke nights where she slept for a huge stretch of time - 5-6 hours. I've gotten a decent amount of sleep too, so we're faring pretty well. Mom has cooked for us and I've made a short trip to the grocery. That trip ended up being too much for me physically, still very exhausted. Laurel and Alex have been taking daily outings together. They've walked for ice cream, gone to the movies. Laurel has gotten to be much more loving with Audrey. She's tolerating the crying jags better and better each day. Laurel herself is still a bit more obstinant and stubborn that usual. She's talking back and pushing the envelope. But we're hopeful that it's a phase as she gets used to the changes in the house.

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