Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had beautiful weather for our Easter holiday this year. Megan and I decided to sing in the Easter choir for Bel Air Pres. this year. The choir was almost 100 people strong and made for a very enjoyable experience. We sang for Palm Sunday, Maunday Thursday and Easter morning. We had rehearsal at the holiday bowl on Saturday morning and sang for the service on Sunday. After the service, we drove down to the Velez house in OC for a family gathering, egg hunt and lunch. We had our own egg hunt and egg dying on Saturday. Laurel didn't understand the egg hunt at first, but once she got it figured out, she was searching for the eggs every time we went outside! she says "Eeee?" for egg. We also dyed eggs and she found that really interesting. She wanted to see the eggs while they sat in the cups being colored. She liked to help using the egg scoop and we had to repeatedly dye several of the eggs over and over again because she kept asking for more.

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