Monday, November 3, 2008

the littlest mermaid

Laurel dressed up as a tiny mermaid for halloween this year. Auntie Megan made it for her, with a little help from Grandma O. when she was here. Laurel looked so cute! She helped answer the door for a few trick-or-treaters and then we went up the street to a friend's, Brigitta. Her daughter, Lauren, just loves Laurel. Ryder also came by with Ryan and they 3 little ones went to the neighbor's to have an official trick-or-treat moment. Otherwise, we didn't want the candy!

Earlier in the day, I took Laurel to the park in her daytime Halloween outfit. She just loves the swings and will softly say "vweee!" while she swings. We also strolled around the park so that I could take photos of her.

A little Laurel update:
Laurel seems to be putting on weight and growing! She feels a lot heavier and is just eating and eating! She loves cheese, graham crackers, grapes and peas...yes, peas. Her elmo obsession keeps getting stronger and stronger. She understands that the remote turns the program on and she will pick it up and point it at the tv. When nothing happens she will bring it to me and impatiently shove it into my hands. Laurel loves balloons too. They give them out to the kids in Trader Joe's, so whenever we go, she just jumps out of her skin over them and isn't satisfied with just, she wants them all! She loves shoes and jewelry, always drawn to beads and gems in the store. She carries our shoes around and tries to put them on. She will hand you everything, right now she likes to share:)...we'll see how long that lasts:). She has a little tea set and knows how to "stir" her tea with her tiny spoon.
She's not talking much, still. I do get worried about that. She seemed to collect a few words about a month or more ago. Then for some reason, she stopped saying them and almost regressed. She now calls everything Da-da, including me, much to my joy. She only just started saying "da" for "done" when she doesn't want to be in her high chair eating anymore. Alex thinks she said "pretty" tonight, but we'll see if that happens again.

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davejenevan said...

Don't worry about Laurel's speech- the range of normal is WIDE. She'll talk more when she's ready, and not a minute before. =)