Monday, September 8, 2008

Laurel's 1 year check-up

Laurel had her 12 month check-up today. She was measured too, which is always exciting for me to see how she's grown in numbers. Laurel is 30 inches long! 75th percentile for her age. Her head measures in the 50th, but didn't get that number. Her weight is low for her age, 18.5 lbs, 10th percentile! But again, the doctor remains unsurprised. She believes she's growing like her parents, long and lean. We of course had to endure the 12 month shots. Laurel got her first of 2 Hep A shots, an MMR, and a Chicken pox. But the pox isn't supposed to be 100%. She was pretty chipper throughout the general exam and was walking about the exam room. But it's like she knew danger was on the horizon when I layed her down on the exam bed. One in each thigh and another in the top of her butt cheek. There was much screaming and it did take her a while to calm down, but she seemed to take the shots well through the rest of the day.

I'm putting up the rest of our photo shoot from a few weekends ago. Slowly, but surely! View at:

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