Wednesday, December 5, 2007

what a week!

Here's our cutie pie at 3 months! She loves to pull on her shirt and eventually get it into her mouth to gum it. And she helped with laundry:).

We've been crazy busy lately, and along with her 3 month birthday, Laurel's going through some kind of growth spurt, which doesn't help things. At least I think it's a growth spurt, or I hope so! We made such great, easy progress in her first couple of months and easily moved to 1 feeding each night around 4 or even 5 am. Over the past several nights, she's decided to wake up to eat around 12:30 or 1 and then again around 4 or 5 and then for some reason popping up for the day around 6:30, a whole hour earlier than usual. Not the best week for this phase! We're working over time to get our little shop set up, get work done, run errands, etc. So I could use the sleep, but it's not meant to be. So, yeah, I hope it's just a growth spurt! Sometimes I wonder if she eats enough during the day. She's so curious and easily distracted now. She loves to chat while eating, so she'll suck, suck, then pull away and talk about things and then maybe another suck, and then more chatter. It's really very cute, but eating seems to take twice as long now:).
In addition to pulling her shirt, she likes to hold her hands together and play with her own fingers and shove them all into her mouth. This leaves her hands, wrists and the top part of her shirt soaking in baby spit. With her hands together, she looks like she's coming up with an evil plan:).

Naps have improved in that we seem to have some kind of general schedule for them. But not necessarily the quality of nap. She's become very sensitive to light and noise during the day. And seems to be very burpy right now during this phase. She's always eager to go down for a nap, almost impatient if I don't wrap her up quickly enough. But a good 1/2 of her nap time is spent fussing and me running in and out of the room to comfort her. Again, we're hoping it's a phase!

Laurel has become more of a sack of potatoes:). She's getting good chubs! She's easy to lug around and is really enjoying seeing the world lately. I've gotten in the habit of carrying her around the house facing out so she can see. When we go shopping, I carry her in the sling so that she can see and she just looks and looks around. That is after she gets over the initial scare of the store in general...all of the noise and commotion freak her out at first.

As a family, we're busy, busy right now. And very behind with holiday prep. But I have done a lot of shopping when I could. This year's holiday is sponsored by Kohl's, at least so far. With our shop opening officially on Monday, and a stationery book full of samples to print, I've been at the shop every night doing work after Laurel goes to sleep. I think Alex and I are in need of a vacation big time, so our trip to MD for xmas will be a welcome get away!

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